XIA Automation has many features across a wide range of technologies. Find out more about each feature below.

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Active Directory Provisioning

Fully automate the management of your AD user accounts, groups and organizational units.

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Bulk Provision from CSV

Save time by bulk provisioning user accounts from CSV into AD, Exchange, Google, Office 365 and more.

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Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes

Automatically create thousands of Microsoft Exchange accounts and mailboxes in minutes.

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Google Accounts

Automate the process of creating, updating and deleting your Google accounts.

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Microsoft Office 365 Accounts

Automate the process of provisioning user accounts into Microsoft Office 365.

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Manage Folder and File Shares

Manage your folder and file shares for Microsoft Windows user accounts automatically.

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Active Directory Password Reset

Reset AD passwords from your mobile device or delegate to non-administrators to free up your time.

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Create Custom Plugins

Create your own custom plugins to tailor XIA Automation to the needs of your organization.

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For more information about the tasks within XIA Automation, please view the administrator's guide.


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