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Welcome to the CENTREL Solutions tools page.
Here you can find tools and code samples produced by CENTREL Solutions.
If you have any questions, please contact tools@centrel-solutions.com.

Group Policy Report API

Access Group Policy XML data more easily.

Screenshot of loading a GPO report

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Active Directory GUID Resolver Tool

Resolve the GUIDs displayed in Active Directory audit logs.

Screenshot of Active Directory GUID resolver

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SNMP MIB Browser

Browse the configuration of your SNMP devices, load MIB files and load and save the data to XML.

Screenshot of SNMP MIB browser

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XIA Configuration Workgroup Edition

For small networks, we offer the XIA Configuration Workgroup edition for free.

Document a limited number of network devices including Microsoft Windows servers and Linux systems. Export to professional PDF documents.

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C# DHCP Management API

CENTREL Solutions latest management API wrapper for allows you to query a DHCP server using Microsoft .NET. A sample construct application shows the API in use.

Screenshot of DHCP API
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Audit User Rights Assignment using C#

Using the sample code provided, it is possible to query the audit rights assignment on a Windows machine using the native Windows API.

Screenshot of LSA security
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