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We're really happy with XIA Configuration. It automates what used to take 2 days in no time at all and it can be run as often as you like. We use it on all our Windows Servers, Windows PCs, Active Directory, Citrix XenApp Farms and our VMware environment to produce the documentation we need for our external auditors.

The support from CENTREL Solutions has been excellent. We raised a few queries and the responses were prompt and very helpful.

We would certainly recommend XIA Configuration to anyone looking to automate the production of their server documentation as it has saved us a great deal of effort.

Mick Fox
I.C.T. Services Manager
North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

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For Redblade, as a managed services provider, access to information and the configuration history of our clients is essential. Our business is founded on our ability to react quickly to changing needs and with knowledge of all our managed networks.

Working with CENTREL Solutions and the use of their XIA Configuration product has been a game changer for our technical, technical presales and sales teams. It provides us with instant reporting of all our assets and reporting/analysis that allows us to respond to our clients’ needs flexibly and quickly.

We have also found CENTREL Solutions to be fast to develop and implement recommendations, making them a great partner to work with.

Medan Gabbay
Head of Technical Presales

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SHD as a managed service provider had a need of an automated documentation tool.

To service our customers, we looked for a solution that discovers the existing IT infrastructure in detail and has the ability to detect and drill down changes.

In the documentation tool XIA Configuration Server we found this essential possibility.

Another advantage for us is an easy access to the information stored in XIA Configuration through a simple and straightforward web interface.

The Help function of the program is extremely good and great in detail, any further questions or special requirements were supported fast and efficient by CENTREL Solutions.

Andreas Heinz

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XIA Configuration Server has helped us with reporting and evidence gathering aspects of the PCI-DSS process and has provided valuable insight into systems that have not met specific PCI-DSS requirements for remediation purposes.

The software is light on system resources and requirements great when for IT audits and other system checks to ensure that required systems are in line with PCI-DSS requirements.

The version comparison feature provides proof against change controls and provide a great time saving advantage on otherwise tedious admin overhead.

The CENTREL Solutions team is dedicated to providing service excellence and provide product enhancements to keep up with our growing demands.

Shimmy Garoeb
System Administrator (IT Operations)

We have been using XIA Automation over the last year. It has been an ideal solution for provisioning the large number of student accounts we have to create each year, with the added benefit of giving staff the ability to reset the student's password has saved the College staff a huge amount of time.

I must also mention the support we have received which has been outstanding and any queries we have had are resolved extremely quickly.

Paul Rolfe
Head of IT
Barnfield College

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We are an IT Technology Partner supporting small businesses in our local area. I’m a keen advocate of automation and documentation. Time is money for us and our clients. After spending several months researching the market I came across XIA Configuration Server, with this we have been able to reduce our labour by 50% and improve the service to our clients at the same time.

It’s a brilliant product, we now refer to the reports on a weekly/monthly basis to raise business risk to our clients. We also use it to assist with configuration changes (with its built-in change reporting) and rollback troubleshooting.

Overall, it has really moved our services/support to the next level.

Rory Breen
Managing Director

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It is a pleasure to work with CENTREL Solutions, in my case when working on a migration from Novell Application Launcher to XIA Links.

They showed great knowledge and customer engagement and helped me to migrate applications and configurations to the new platform.

I would certainly recommend CENTREL Solutions as a strategic technology partner.

Germán Lagomarsino
Infrastructure Architect

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It’s good to work with a company such as CENTREL Solutions that are incredibly reactive to our requirements for the software they provide.

For us, this has turned a potentially useful application into one that plays a fundamental role in improving our productivity and the standard of service that we can provide for our clients.

The knowledge that together we can continually improve the product for the benefit of both parties shows that we made the right choice and I would recommend the CENTREL team without hesitation.

Colin Macandrew
Technical Director
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We use XIA Automation and XIA Links in approximately 29 education institutions, we have found the software developed by CENTREL Solutions has proven to help us manage, maintain and organise our clients systems.

XIA Automation has allowed us to manage our customers more effectively and has also allowed many of our clients to manage specifics within Active Directory in a simple manner without compromising security.

XIA Links has been used to provide a simple user interface to allow users to find applications with ease by teaching staff and students - and is certainly an essential tool for them.

Overall, CENTREL Solutions has developed software to help us and our clients save time, become more efficient and improve our customers’ desktop experience, with a support team that is always on hand to assist, no matter the query.

We will continue to use CENTREL Solutions for the foreseeable future.

Matthew Parsons
Office Manager / Technical Support

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XIA Configuration is helping us to document our IT infrastructure in an easy, fast and standardised way.

Furthermore it provides us with useful information which we are using to generate reports for compliance purposes and statistical analysis.

Easy to use, configure and most of all CENTREL Solutions has great and fast support!

Christophe Berthuy
IT System Engineer Expert

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CENTREL Solutions has provided us with excellent service allowing us to provision thousands of user accounts in minutes, something that would have taken a great deal of effort previously.

Aidan Manning
EduTech Solutions Ltd.
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Leaving Novell, we had to have a centralized management tool for shortcuts, links and URLs. XIA Links meets this need perfectly.

Adaptable, customizable and with responsive support this is precisely what we needed to optimize the management of our desktops.

Franck Juillard
Systems Administrator
Groupama Grand Est

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Even though I administer only a single location environment, XIA Configuration really helps to document and keep track of changes on my various servers and services. The support is excellent and there is ongoing development which is great for when I have a feature request that adds value to the application.

A real treat for those lone admins with never enough time.

John van Kampen
Systems administrator
Hutten BV.

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With our company undergoing change, keeping up with the documentary requirements became a mammoth task. XIA Configuration Server created documentation on our entire system in just a few short hours.

The regular scheduled reporting has proved invaluable for auditing and compliance purposes, and has served our Operations people in tracking configuration changes over a period of time. New personnel can quickly come up to speed on our systems configuration with minimal interaction.

CENTREL Solutions Support has been first rate. Responses to my queries were timely and helpful resolving my issue in a single call.

XIA Configuration Server is part of my work smarter not harder approach and I'd certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking after IT systems.

Chris Gollner
Senior Systems Engineer
IPH Services PTY LTD

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We have achieved a real efficiency improvement after implementing and using XIA Configuration within our multi client managed services company.

By using change management within XIA Configuration we are faster and more effective in determining causes of certain incidents that occur within the managed infrastructure.

We were so convinced of the value added by XIA Configuration that in addition to using it ourselves  we decided to become a reseller for the product for the Dutch market.

Hans Hendrikx
Commercial Director
IT Services Netherlands (ITSN)
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We really enjoy working with the CENTREL Solutions XIA Links product which greeted us very comfortably, working and maintaining order and organization.

We have also greatly enjoyed and still enjoy excellent support and quick responses to all of our requirements.

I would definitely recommend the product to others without hesitation.

Zvika Polak
System Administrator
Jerusalem Municipality

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Our firm has used Novell Delivered Applications since 1999 and our users rely on it heavily for fast access to their most commonly used applications.

We were concerned about them losing that convenience when we eliminated Novell, but learned about XIA Links from an ILTA posting and it was the perfect replacement. We can structure their folders and view almost exactly as they appeared in Novell Delivered Applications and we know that will save us hundreds of helpdesk calls about trying to locate shortcuts!

Leanne Bains
IT Manager
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As an IT service provider, using XIA Configuration Server has led to huge efficiency gains in our client support services.  The speed and convenience with which we can access the configuration data of their servers and systems allows us to react quickly and has really helped us add value for our customers.

The powerful reporting features enable us to easily get the information we need and the PDF output provides us with detailed, professional documentation which our customers love.

We’ve been very impressed with the support from CENTREL Solutions, they help resolve technical queries and implement new features to meet our specific requirements.

Morten Waltorp Knudsen

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The features that this software provides allows our technical staff to save hundreds of hours all while helping more people. XIA Automation is a tool that allows for the proper management of our network functions that used to take many more hours. What a great time saver!

How wonderful it is to find a company that stands behind its product.

It would bring me pleasure to recommend this product to any who wish to save time and automate.

Michael Cronk
Security and Systems Engineer
School City of Mishawaka

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Being an MSP, keeping infrastructure documentation up-to date is a time consuming and resource intensive task.

With XIA Configuration’s agentless technology, the speed that we can now fully document our clients’ infrastructure is amazing. Once it's initially setup, everything is automatically documented as often as we want and the solution soon pays for itself.

From an MSP point of view, it is now one of our must have tools and our clients are blown away with the amount of detail it provides.

Richard Elstob
Technology & Projects Partner

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XIA Automation was primarily purchased to reduce the workload of ICT Support staff by automating a number of frequently completed tasks.

In less than a year we estimate that the product has already paid for itself in terms of time saved. Not only has this product made the ICT Support department more efficient it has also improved communication between support staff and end users with its ability to automatically send emails at the completion of designated tasks. Such is the simplicity of the XIA Automation interface that we have now extended its use to teaching staff who are now able to use it to take direct control of the various groups of pupils they teach.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product as it represents excellent value for money and the product support is superb and they are always willing to consider any suggestions for additional features and functionality

Gary Wood
Curriculum Services Network Manager
St Thomas More Catholic School

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An easy to use highly detailed documentation engine that has taken the burden out of our documentation process.

Coupled with extremely reactive and thorough support makes CENTREL Solutions XIA Configuration Server a prized tool in my infrastructure teams tool box.

Chris Styles
Business Services Director – IT

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