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Use our software to provide an automated documentation service to your clients

MSP Documentation Software

Our MSP documentation software XIA Configuration increases the value of your managed service provider offering by allowing you to provide a fully automated technical documentation service to your clients at each phase of the MSP lifecycle.

A diagram showing a Managed Service Provider lifecycle

Automatically keep infrastructure documentation up to date

Being an MSP, keeping infrastructure documentation up-to date is a time consuming and resource intensive task.


With XIA Configuration's agentless technology, the speed that we can now fully document our clients’ infrastructure is amazing. Once it's initially setup, everything is automatically documented as often as we want and the solution soon pays for itself.

From an MSP point of view, it is now one of our must have tools and our clients are blown away with the amount of detail it provides.

Richard Elstob
Technology & Projects Partner
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Due Diligence

With a wide range of systems supported, XIA Configuration can scan the IT infrastructure of potential customers, helping to identify the existing customer environment before agreeing to support terms.

Remotely scan a potential customer's systems using custom credentials without installing any software on their environment.

Customer Onboarding

Manually create customers using XIA Configuration's web interface.

A screenshot showing a popup window used to manually create a customer in the XIA Configuration web interface
Create customers in XIA Configuration

Automate tasks with XIA Configuration's API

Alternatively, write a simple script to automate the creation of new customers using XIA Configuration's fully featured API, which supports both PowerShell and Visual Studio.

# Create the customer container
$newCustomerID=$xia.DO_CreateItem($customerName, "Customer", 1000);
Write-Host "Created customer with identifier" $newCustomerID

Projects and Transformation

Using the in-depth documentation capabilities and backwards compatibility all the way back to Windows NT4 Server, you can help create plans to transition customers away from their legacy systems and implement projects, confident in the knowledge that the new implementation will be fully documented.

Operational Support

With XIA Configuration, you benefit from multitenant support, allowing all of your customers to be stored within a single database.

View customer data centrally

Configuration data retrieved from your customers is displayed in a unified web interface.

A screenshot showing multiple customers and their data in the XIA Configuration web interface
Customer configuration is sent back to a central XIA Configuration server where it can be viewed in a web interface

Give your customers access to their configuration data

Set the appropriate security to allow your clients to see their own data, but not each others.

Learn more about multitenancy in XIA Configuration >

A screenshot showing security entries for a customer in the XIA Configuration web interface
Allow your customers to access their data in XIA Configuration

Provide a documentation service

Generate documentation or run reports for your clients, or give them access so they can do it themselves.

A screenshot showing the save as PDF option in the XIA Configuration web interface
Simply select Save As PDF to generate documentation

Branded documentation

Provide your clients with branded documentation including their company logos and colour schemes.

A diagram showing a PDF document with labels indicating that branding can be applied to titles, the cover page image, cover page logo, bullet color, text color and background color
Apply your branding to the documentation

Customer Exit

In the event that a customer wishes to move to an alternative managed support provider or move support internally within their organization, XIA Configuration allows you to provide them with the documentation required to make the transition without involving any additional effort. Any licenses used are automatically made available when items are deleted.

XIA Configuration created documentation on our entire system in just a few hours

With our company undergoing change, keeping up with the documentary requirements became a mammoth task. XIA Configuration Server created documentation on our entire system in just a few short hours.


The regular scheduled reporting has proved invaluable for auditing and compliance purposes, and has served our Operations people in tracking configuration changes over a period of time. New personnel can quickly come up to speed on our systems configuration with minimal interaction.

CENTREL Solutions Support has been first rate. Responses to my queries were timely and helpful resolving my issue in a single call.

XIA Configuration Server is part of my work smarter not harder approach and I'd certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking after IT systems.

Chris Gollner
Senior Systems Engineer
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