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Network Reporting Software

Use our network reporting software XIA Configuration to get the data you need to audit your IT infrastructure. The intuitive reporting interface allows you to create and execute reports across all your items (servers, devices, cloud resources etc).

Run the built-in reports to retrieve specific information about the configuration of your network.

The reporting functionality is extremely flexible; reports can be customised to meet your requirements by modifying the SQL directly.

Network Reporting Features

Our network reporting software includes:

  • Over 200 preconfigured reports
  • Create your own custom reports
  • Import, export and duplicate reports
  • PDF, CSV and web based output
  • Report on item level security
  • Combine results from multiple reports into a report binder and and output as a single PDF document
  • Schedule reports and automatically save the output to the file system or send it via email

Example - Windows Server Report

The Windows machine reports in XIA Configuration can be used to retrieve detailed information on all the Windows servers and workstations in your environment. The report output can be shown on screen or exported as a CSV or PDF.

XIA Configuration also allows you to integrate images of your assets, as well as any other hardware definition information that is available, into the report output.

Screenshot showing an image of a hardware asset integrated into a report in the XIA Configuration web interface
Screenshot showing an image of a hardware asset integrated into a report in the XIA Configuration web interface

Export to PDF

Reports can be exported to PDF and shared with others.

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A software installation report with bespoke branding
A software installation report with bespoke branding

Example - VMware Virtual Machine Report

Retrieve detailed information about all the virtual machines within a VMware environment:

Screenshot of the virtual machines detailed summary report output in the XIA Configuration web interface
Screenshot of the virtual machines detailed summary report output in the XIA Configuration web interface

Export to CSV

Reports can be exported to CSV and opened in Microsoft Excel for further analysis:

Virtual Machines Detailed Summary report viewed in Excel
Virtual Machines Detailed Summary report output viewed in Excel

Report Binders

Save time when executing multiple reports by combining them into a report binder.

Screenshot showing the reports added to a report binder
Screenshot showing the reports added to a report binder

Execute a report binder to output the results of all the reports as single PDF document which can easily be shared with others.

Screenshot showing a report binder output to PDF
Screenshot showing a report binder output to PDF

Automatically schedule the execution of reports and report binders with XIA Configuration's integrated task scheduler.

Customise Reports

If the reports included with XIA Configuration do not retrieve the data you require, you can customise reports to get the data you need.

Screenshot showing the editable SQL Statement of the Windows Server Detailed Summary report
Screenshot showing the editable SQL Statement of the Windows Server Detailed Summary report

Reports included with XIA Configuration

The full list of reports included with XIA Configuration are:

Active Directory Reports

  • Active Directory Computer Accounts Summary
  • Active Directory Domain Controllers
  • Active Directory Domain Groups Summary
  • Active Directory Domains Summary
  • Active Directory Fine-Grained Password Policies Summary
  • Active Directory Group Policy Objects Summary
  • Active Directory Operation Masters
  • Active Directory Sites
  • Active Directory User Accounts Detailed Summary
  • Active Directory User Accounts Last Logon Summary
  • Active Directory User Accounts Summary
  • Active Directory User Accounts with Non-expiring Passwords

Azure Reports

  • Azure Active Directory Users Summary
  • Azure Network Security Group Rules
  • Azure Network Security Groups Summary
  • Azure Resource Groups Summary
  • Azure Resource Types Summary
  • Azure Resources Summary
  • Azure Tenant Summary
  • Azure Virtual Machine Sizing
  • Azure Virtual Machines Summary

Backup Exec Reports

  • Backup Exec Agent Servers
  • Backup Exec Disk Storage Devices Summary
  • Backup Exec Job Summary
  • Backup Exec Media Set Summary
  • Backup Exec Server Encryption Keys
  • Backup Exec Server Logon Accounts
  • Backup Exec Server Summary
  • Backup Exec Storage Device Summary
  • Backup Exec Tape Storage Device Summary

Citrix XenApp Farm Reports

  • Citrix XenApp Farm Administrators Summary
  • Citrix XenApp Farm Applications Summary
  • Citrix XenApp Farm Load Evaluators
  • Citrix XenApp Farm Servers Summary
  • Citrix XenApp Farm Zones
  • Citrix XenApp Farms Summary

Citrix XenDesktop Site Reports

  • Citrix XenDesktop Applications Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Delivery Controllers Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Delivery Groups Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Detailed Applications Report
  • Citrix XenDesktop Hosting Connections
  • Citrix XenDesktop Machine Catalogs Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Machines Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Site Administrators Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Site Policies Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Site Policy Settings
  • Citrix XenDesktop Sites Summary

Compliance Benchmark Reports

  • Compliance Benchmark Results
  • Compliance Benchmarks Summary

Contacts Reports

  • Contact Details

Decommissioning Reports

  • Decommissioned Items Collecting Data
  • Decommissioned Items Report

DHCP Server Reports

  • DHCP Data Availability Report
  • DHCP Server Version Breakdown
  • DHCP Servers Detailed Report
  • DHCP Servers Overview
  • DHCP Subnets Detailed Report
  • DHCP Subnets Overview Report
  • DHCP Subnets Overview Report (IPv6)

Disk Shelf Reports

  • Disk Shelf Manufacturer Breakdown
  • Disk Shelf Model Breakdown
  • Disk Shelf Overview

DNS Service Reports

  • DNS Service Detailed Summary
  • DNS Service Summary
  • DNS Zones

Generic Network Device Reports

  • Generic Network Device Summary

Hardware Items Reports

  • Hardware Maintenance Summary
  • Hardware Summary (Windows Machines)

Hyper-V Server Reports

  • Hyper-V Guest Operating System Breakdown
  • Hyper-V Hosts Detailed Summary Report
  • Hyper-V Hosts Summary
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Summary

IIS Server Reports

  • IIS Application Pools Overview
  • IIS Server SSL Certificate Report
  • IIS Server Version Breakdown
  • IIS Servers Overview
  • IIS Web Sites Overview

Location Reports

  • Items by Location

Machine Reports

  • Operating System Breakdown
  • Serial Number Summary Report

Microsoft Cluster Reports

  • Cluster Disk Volumes Summary
  • Cluster IP Addresses Summary
  • Cluster Nodes Summary
  • Cluster Physical Disks Summary
  • Cluster Resource Types
  • Cluster Resources Summary
  • Cluster Roles Summary
  • Cluster Summary Report
  • Clustered Hyper-V VM Summary

Microsoft Exchange Reports

  • Accepted Domains Summary
  • Add-ins Summary
  • Admin Roles Summary
  • Database Availability Groups Summary
  • Distribution Groups Detailed Summary
  • Distribution Groups Summary
  • Dynamic Distribution Groups Detailed Summary
  • Dynamic Distribution Groups Summary
  • Email Address Policies Summary
  • Exchange Certificates Summary
  • Exchange Servers Summary
  • Mailbox Databse Copies Summary
  • Mailbox Databases Summary
  • Mailboxes Summary
  • Office 365 Groups Detailed Summary
  • Office 365 Groups Summary
  • Receive Connectors Summary
  • Send Connectors Summary

Microsoft Network Load Balancing Reports

  • Microsoft NLB Cluster Hosts
  • Microsoft NLB Clusters Summary
  • Windows Machine NLB Status

Network Storage Device Reports

  • Network Storage Device Firmware
  • Network Storage Device Overview

Network Switch Reports

  • Network Switch Detailed Report
  • Network Switch Overview
  • Switch Manufacturer Breakdown
  • Switch Model Breakdown

Network Device Reports

  • IP Address Summary

PCI DSS Reports

  • 2.1 Always change default passwords (Windows SNMP)
  • 2.2.1 Implement only one primary function per server
  • 8.1.4 Remove/disable inactive user accounts (Active Directory)
  • 8.1.4 Remove/disable inactive user accounts (Windows Local)
  • 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 Account Lockout
  • 8.2.3 Passwords/phrases must meet the following requirements
  • 8.2.4 Change user passwords at least every 90 days
  • 8.2.4 Change user passwords at least every 90 days (PSO)
  • 8.2.5 Do not use passwords that are the same as any of the previous four
  • 8.2.5 Do not use passwords that are the same as any of the previous four (PSO)
  • 10.4.1 Critical systems have the correct and consistent time (ESX)
  • 10.4.1 Critical systems have the correct and consistent time (Windows)

Resources Reports

  • Resource Images

Security Reports

  • Service Account Report
  • SSL Certificate Report
  • Windows Firewall Configuration Summary
  • Windows Firewall Rules Summary
  • Windows Security Options

Software Lifecycle Reports

  • Software Lifecycle Summary
  • Software Package Component Deployment
  • Software Package Deployment
  • Software Package Deployment Count
  • Software Packages

SQL Reports

  • SQL Availability Groups Summary
  • SQL Database Snapshots Summary
  • SQL Databases Detailed Summary
  • SQL Databases Summary
  • SQL Instance Database Assemblies Summary
  • SQL Instance Database Tables Summary
  • SQL Instance Logins Summary
  • SQL Instance Recently Created Databases
  • SQL Instance Recently Created Logins
  • SQL Instance Server Roles Summary
  • SQL Instance Version and Edition Breakdown
  • SQL Instances Detailed Summary
  • SQL Instances Host Information Summary
  • SQL Instances Recently Created
  • SQL Instances Summary
  • SQL Server Agent Jobs Summary

Tape Library Reports

  • Tape Library Manufacturer Breakdown
  • Tape Library Model Breakdown
  • Tape Library Overview

Terminal Server Reports

  • Connection (Session) Broker Summary
  • Connections (Terminals) Overview
  • Operating System Breakdown
  • RemoteApp Application Detailed Summary
  • RemoteApp Application Summary
  • Terminal Server Overview

Unix Systems Reports

  • Unix Local Groups Summary
  • Unix Local Users Summary
  • Unix Logical Drives Summary
  • Unix Operating System Breakdown
  • Unix Software Packages Summary
  • Unix Platform Breakdown
  • Unix Systems Detailed Summary Report
  • Unix System Summary Report

VMware Reports

  • VMware Cluster Summary
  • VMware Datastores Summary
  • VMware Distributed Switch Summary
  • VMware Host to Physical Host Item Mappings
  • VMware Hosts Detailed Summary
  • VMware Hosts Firewall Rules Summary
  • VMware Hosts NTP Settings Summary
  • VMware Hosts Security Summary
  • VMware Hosts Service Summary
  • VMware Hosts Summary
  • VMware Security Roles
  • VMware Virtual Machine Detailed Summary
  • VMwareVirtual Machine Hard Drive Summary
  • VMwareVirtual Machine Hardware Summary
  • VMwareVirtual Machine Network Adapter Summary
  • VMwareVirtual Machine Summary

Windows Machine Reports

  • .NET Framework Detailed Summary
  • .NET Framework Summary
  • All Windows Desktops
  • All Windows Laptops
  • Documented File Detailed Summary
  • Documented File Summary
  • Environment Variables
  • Internet Explorer Report
  • Local Administrator Accounts
  • Local Administrators Group Membership
  • Local Group Membership Report
  • Management Controller Report
  • Manufacturer Breakdown
  • Model Breakdown
  • Operating System Report (Windows Machine)
  • Recently Installed Software
  • Scheduled Task Summary Report
  • Server Roles and Features Report
  • Shadow Copy Configuration
  • Shared Folder Share Permissions
  • Shared Folders [With invalid directory path]
  • Shared Folders Summary
  • Software Installation Detailed Summary Report
  • Software Installation Report
  • System-Level Proxy Summary
  • Windows Account Lockout Policy Summary Report
  • Windows Advanced Audit Policy Summary
  • Windows Audit Policy Summary
  • Windows Disk Volume Summary
  • Windows LAPS Settings Summary
  • Windows Machine Devices Summary
  • Windows Machine Disk Drives Summary
  • Windows Machine DNS Report
  • Windows Machine Installed Patches Summary
  • Windows Machine Security Identifiers Summary
  • Windows Machine Summary
  • Windows Password Policy Summary Report
  • Windows PowerShell Report
  • Windows Printer Summary Report
  • Windows Registry Value Summary Report
  • Windows Server Detailed Summary Report
  • Windows Server Functions Summary
  • Windows Service Report
  • Windows Time Server Settings Summary
  • Windows Time Settings Summary
  • Windows Update Configuration Summary
  • Windows User Rights Assignments Summary

WINS Reports

  • Windows Servers running the WINS Service
  • WINS Service Summary

Internal System Reports

  • Archive Data Breakdown
  • Archive Data Information
  • Archive Table Information
  • Database Cache Report
  • Environment Report
  • Item Age Report
  • Item Type Breakdown (Including Decommissioned)
  • Password Access Report
  • XIA Access Report
  • XIA Configuration Client Version Report
  • XIA Configuration Scan Targets

For more information about reporting, please view the administrator's guide.

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