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Active Directory

On-Premises Active Directory Domain

  • Active Directory Computer Accounts Summary
  • Active Directory Domain Controllers Summary
  • Active Directory Domain Groups Detailed Summary
  • Active Directory Domain Groups Summary
  • Active Directory Domains Detailed Summary
  • Active Directory Domains Summary
  • Active Directory Fine-Grained Password Policies Detailed Summary
  • Active Directory Fine-Grained Password Policies Summary
  • Active Directory Operation Masters Summary
  • Active Directory Replication Sites Detailed Summary
  • Active Directory Replication Sites Summary
  • Active Directory User Accounts Detailed Summary
  • Active Directory User Accounts Last Logon Summary
  • Active Directory User Accounts Summary
  • Active Directory User Accounts with Non-expiring Passwords

Group Policy

  • Group Policy Administrative Templates Summary
  • Group Policy Extensions Summary
  • Group Policy Objects Summary
  • Group Policy Security Options Summary


  • Active Directory Domain DFS Namespaces Detailed Summary
  • Active Directory Domain DFS Namespaces Summary

Backup Solution

Backup Exec

  • Backup Exec Agent Servers
  • Backup Exec Disk Storage Devices Summary
  • Backup Exec Job Summary
  • Backup Exec Media Set Summary
  • Backup Exec Server Encryption Keys
  • Backup Exec Server Logon Accounts
  • Backup Exec Server Summary
  • Backup Exec Storage Device Summary
  • Backup Exec Tape Storage Device Summary

Cloud Provider


  • Azure Web Apps Summary
  • Azure Web Apps SSL Summary
  • Azure Web Apps Detailed Summary
  • Azure Virtual Machines Summary
  • Azure Virtual Machine Sizing
  • Azure Virtual Machine Operating System Breakdown
  • Azure Tenants Summary
  • Azure Tenants Detailed Summary
  • Azure Subscriptions Summary
  • Azure SQL Servers Summary
  • Azure SQL Server Firewall Rules
  • Azure SQL Databases Summary
  • Azure SQL Databases Detailed Summary
  • Azure Resources Summary
  • Azure Resource Types Summary
  • Azure Resource Types Breakdown
  • Azure Resource Groups Summary
  • Azure Public IP Addresses Summary
  • Azure Other Resource Types Summary
  • Azure Network Security Groups Summary
  • Azure Network Security Group Rules Summary
  • Azure Network Security Group Rules Detailed Summary
  • Azure Network Interfaces Summary
  • Azure Network Interfaces Detailed Summary
  • Azure Disks Summary
  • Azure Disks Detailed Summary
  • Azure Classic Virtual Machines Summary
  • Azure Active Directory Users Summary
  • Azure Active Directory Roles Summary
  • Azure Active Directory Role Members
  • Azure Active Directory Groups Summary
  • Azure Active Directory Group Members
  • Azure Active Directory Applications Summary


Compliance Benchmark

  • Compliance Benchmark Results
  • Compliance Benchmarks Summary


  • 2.1 Always change default passwords (Windows SNMP)
  • 2.2.1 Implement only one primary function per server
  • 8.1.4 Remove/disable inactive user accounts (Active Directory)
  • 8.1.4 Remove/disable inactive user accounts (Windows Local)
  • 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 Account Lockout
  • 8.2.3 Passwords/phrases must meet the following requirements
  • 8.2.4 Change user passwords at least every 90 days
  • 8.2.4 Change user passwords at least every 90 days (PSO)
  • 8.2.5 Do not use passwords that are the same as any of the previous four
  • 8.2.5 Do not use passwords that are the same as any of the previous four (PSO)
  • 10.4.1 Critical systems have the correct and consistent time (ESX)
  • 10.4.1 Critical systems have the correct and consistent time (Windows)

Database Server

SQL Instance

  • SQL Availability Groups Summary
  • SQL Database Snapshots Summary
  • SQL Databases Detailed Summary
  • SQL Databases Summary
  • SQL Instance Database Assemblies Summary
  • SQL Instance Database Tables Summary
  • SQL Instance Logins Summary
  • SQL Instance Recently Created Databases
  • SQL Instance Recently Created Logins
  • SQL Instance Server Roles Summary
  • SQL Instance Version and Edition Breakdown
  • SQL Instances Detailed Summary
  • SQL Instances Host Information Summary
  • SQL Instances Recently Created
  • SQL Instances Summary
  • SQL Server Agent Jobs Summary

Email System

Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft Exchange Accepted Domains Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Add-ins Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Admin Roles Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Certificates Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Distribution Groups Detailed Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Distribution Groups Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Dynamic Distribution Groups Detailed Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Dynamic Distribution Groups Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Email Address Policies Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Database Copies Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Databases Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Receive Connectors Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Send Connectors Summary
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers Summary
  • Office 365 Groups Detailed Summary
  • Office 365 Groups Summary


Common Hardware

  • Assigned Support Provisions
  • Items by Location
  • Serial Number Summary

Disk Shelf

  • Disk Shelf Manufacturer Breakdown
  • Disk Shelf Model Breakdown
  • Disk Shelf Overview

Tape Library

  • Tape Library Manufacturer Breakdown
  • Tape Library Model Breakdown
  • Tape Library Overview

Internal System


  • Access
  • Password Access


  • Client Installation Operating System Breakdown
  • Client Installation Version Breakdown
  • Client Scan Age
  • Client Scan Exceptions
  • Client Version
  • Client Scan Target Summary

Common Item

  • Checked Out Items Summary
  • Environment
  • Item Type Breakdown (Including Decommissioned)
  • Item Version Age


  • Decommissioned Items
  • Decommissioning Events
  • Recommissioning Events


  • License Requirements Summary

Password Lists

  • Custom Password List Entry Type Usage

Previous Versions

  • Previous Versions
  • Previous Versions Storage Information
  • Previous Versions Type Breakdown


  • Custom Relationship Type Usage


  • Built-in Reports Summary


  • Security Permissions

ServiceNow Integration

  • ServiceNow Item Synchronization Exceptions
  • ServiceNow Matched Items Summary

Usage and Diagnostics Data

  • Usage and Diagnostics Data

Microsoft Infrastructure Services

DHCP Server

  • Microsoft DHCP Server Operating System Breakdown
  • Microsoft DHCP Server IPv4 Subnets Summary
  • Microsoft DHCP Server IPv6 Subnets Summary
  • Microsoft DHCP Server IPv4 Subnets Detailed Summary
  • Microsoft DHCP Server IPv4 Option Values Summary
  • Microsoft DHCP Server IPv6 Subnets Detailed Summary
  • Microsoft DHCP Servers Detailed Summary
  • Microsoft DHCP Server Data Availability
  • Microsoft DHCP Servers Summary

DNS Server

  • Microsoft DNS Server Conditional Forwarders
  • Microsoft DNS Server Operating System Breakdown
  • Microsoft DNS Server Root Hints
  • Microsoft DNS Server Trust Anchors
  • Microsoft DNS Servers Detailed Summary
  • Microsoft DNS Servers Summary
  • Microsoft DNS Zones Detailed Summary
  • Microsoft DNS Zones Summary

Microsoft Cluster

  • Cluster Disk Volumes Summary
  • Cluster IP Addresses Summary
  • Cluster Nodes Summary
  • Cluster Physical Disks Summary
  • Cluster Resource Types
  • Cluster Resources Summary
  • Cluster Roles Summary
  • Cluster Summary
  • Clustered Hyper-V VM Summary

Microsoft Network Load Balancing

  • Microsoft NLB Cluster Hosts
  • Microsoft NLB Clusters Summary
  • Windows Machine NLB Status


  • Windows Servers running the WINS Service
  • WINS Service Summary

Networking Device

Generic Network Device

  • Generic Network Device Summary

Network Storage Device

  • Network Storage Device Firmware
  • Network Storage Device Overview

Network Switch

  • Network Switch Detailed
  • Network Switch Overview
  • Switch Manufacturer Breakdown
  • Switch Model Breakdown

On-Premises Virtualization

Citrix XenApp Farm

  • Citrix XenApp Farm Administrators Summary
  • Citrix XenApp Farm Applications Summary
  • Citrix XenApp Farm Load Evaluators
  • Citrix XenApp Farm Servers Summary
  • Citrix XenApp Farm Zones
  • Citrix XenApp Farms Summary

Citrix XenDesktop Site

  • Citrix XenDesktop Applications Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Delivery Controllers Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Delivery Groups Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Detailed Applications
  • Citrix XenDesktop Hosting Connections
  • Citrix XenDesktop Machine Catalogs Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Machines Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Site Administrators Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Site Policies Summary
  • Citrix XenDesktop Site Policy Settings
  • Citrix XenDesktop Sites Summary

Hyper-V Server

  • Hyper-V Guest Operating System Breakdown
  • Hyper-V Hosts Detailed Summary
  • Hyper-V Hosts Summary
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Summary

Remote Desktop Session Host

  • Connection (Session) Broker Summary
  • Connections (Terminals) Overview
  • Operating System Breakdown
  • RemoteApp Application Detailed Summary
  • RemoteApp Application Summary
  • Terminal Server Overview


  • VMware Cluster Summary
  • VMware Datastores Summary
  • VMware Distributed Switch Summary
  • VMware Host to Physical Host Item Mappings
  • VMware Hosts Detailed Summary
  • VMware Hosts Firewall Rules Summary
  • VMware Hosts NTP Settings Summary
  • VMware Hosts Security Summary
  • VMware Hosts Service Summary
  • VMware Hosts Summary
  • VMware Security Roles
  • VMware Virtual Machine Detailed Summary
  • VMware Virtual Machine Hard Drive Summary
  • VMware Virtual Machine Hardware Summary
  • VMware Virtual Machine Network Adapter Summary
  • VMware Virtual Machine Summary

Unix Systems

Local Accounts

  • Unix Local Groups Summary
  • Unix Local Users Summary


  • Unix Logical Drives Summary
  • Unix Operating System Breakdown
  • Unix Software Packages Summary


  • Unix Platform Breakdown
  • Unix Systems Detailed Summary
  • Unix System Summary

Unmanaged Item


  • Contact Details


  • Resource Images

Software Lifecycle

  • Software Lifecycle Summary
  • Software Package Component Deployment
  • Software Package Deployment
  • Software Package Deployment Count
  • Software Packages

Support Provisions

  • Assigned Support Provisions

Web Server

IIS Server

  • IIS Application Pools Overview
  • IIS Server SSL Certificate
  • IIS Server Version Breakdown
  • IIS Servers Overview
  • IIS Web Sites Overview

Windows Machine


  • All Windows Desktops
  • All Windows Laptops
  • Hardware Summary
  • Management Controller
  • Windows Disk Volume NTFS Access Rules
  • Windows Disk Volume NTFS Audit Rules
  • Windows Disk Volume Summary
  • Windows Machine Devices Summary
  • Windows Machine Disk Drives Summary
  • Windows Machine Manufacturer Breakdown
  • Windows Machine Model Breakdown
  • Windows Printer Summary


  • Remote Desktop Summary
  • Shared Folder Share Permissions
  • Shared Folders [With invalid directory path]
  • Shared Folders Summary
  • Windows Machine IP Address Summary


  • Service Accounts
  • SSL Certificates
  • Windows Account Lockout Policy Summary
  • Windows Advanced Audit Policy Summary
  • Windows Audit Policy Summary
  • Windows Firewall Configuration Summary
  • Windows Firewall Rules Summary
  • Windows LAPS Settings Summary
  • Windows Machine Installed Patches Summary
  • Windows Machine Latest Installed Patches Summary
  • Windows Machine Microsoft Defender Summary
  • Windows Machine Security Identifiers Summary
  • Windows Password Policy Summary
  • Windows Secure Channel Protocols Summary
  • Windows Security Options
  • Windows Update Configuration Summary
  • Windows User Rights Assignments Summary
Users and Groups
  • Local Administrator Accounts
  • Local Administrators Group Membership
  • Local Group Membership


  • .NET Framework Detailed Summary
  • .NET Framework Summary
  • Documented File Detailed Summary
  • Documented File Summary
  • Environment Variables
  • Internet Explorer
  • Processes Summary
  • Recently Installed Software
  • Scheduled Task Summary
  • Server Roles and Features
  • Shadow Copy Configuration
  • Software Installation Detailed Summary
  • Software Installation Summary
  • System-Level Proxy Summary
  • Windows Machine DNS Client
  • Windows Machine Time Zones Summary
  • Windows Operating System Breakdown
  • Windows Operating System License Summary
  • Windows Operating System
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Windows Registry Value Summary
  • Windows Server Functions Summary
  • Windows Service Not Installed
  • Windows Service Summary
  • Windows Time Server Settings Summary
  • Windows Time Settings Summary
Windows Event Logs
  • Windows Event Log Entries
  • Windows Event Log Entry Details
  • Windows Event Logs Detailed Summary
  • Windows Event Logs Summary


  • Windows Machine Summary
  • Windows Server Detailed Summary

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