XIA Configuration

Disk Shelf Documentation Tool

Document disk shelf location, manufacturer and model

Use XIA Configuration to manually document the location, manufacturer, model, and support information of disk shelves and other hardware in your organization.

All of XIA Configuration's features are supported when documenting disk shelves, including version control, production of PDFs, change tracking and XML output.

XIA Configuration screenshot showing disk shelf information
View disk shelf information in XIA Configuration

Relationship Map

Once created, disk shelves can be connected to items such as Windows servers and Unix systems using the relationship mapping feature. The items interface is then extended allowing information from the disk shelf to be displayed directly in that item. For example, in this screenshot, we can see disk shelves within the Windows server item:

Disk shelves connected screenshot
View connected disk shelves in XIA Configuration

For more information about disk shelves, please view the administrator's guide.

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