XIA Configuration - Feature
Branded PDF Output
Automatically generate professional documentation with bespoke branding

Generate Professional IT Documentation

Use XIA Configuration to generate professional IT documentation with your own bespoke branding for all items in PDF format.

Example document with bespoke branding (click to open)
View detailed server configuration in a professional PDF with bespoke branding

Apply your own branding

System administrators can configure the PDF output with branding including cover page images, table of contents, text and background colors. This can be used to apply your own look and feel, for example, to apply corporate branding.

Screenshot showing PDF branding

The following settings can be changed:

PDF output settings
Add a custom cover image and logo

Change the colours to match your organization's colour scheme:

PDF output colour settings
Change the PDF output colour settings

For more information about branding, please view the PDF Output section within the administrator's guide.

Specify exactly what to include in your documentation

The contents of each PDF can be specified for every item type.

Screenshot showing Windows Machine document generation options in the XIA Configuration web interface
Select exactly what you want to include in your PDFs

For more information about generating PDF documents, please view the administrator's guide.

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