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Configure Multiple Possible Application Locations

Unlike Group Policy Desktop redirection, which cannot account for applications being installed in different locations on different machines, XIA Links allows you to configure multiple possible locations to an application.

This feature can also be used to account for multiple versions of an application on the same machine.

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Target Applications to Specific Users

Specify exactly which Active Directory users, groups or computers you wish to receive application shortcuts.

Allow or deny rules can be applied so you can configure precisely which audience to target a particular application to.

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CENTREL Solutions helped me to migrate applications and configurations to XIA Links

It is a pleasure to work with CENTREL Solutions, in my case when working on a migration from Novell Application Launcher to XIA Links.

They showed great knowledge and customer engagement and helped me to migrate applications and configurations to the new platform.

I would certainly recommend CENTREL Solutions as a strategic technology partner.

Germán Lagomarsino
Infrastructure Architect

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