XIA Configuration


Find out more about the features included with XIA Configuration below.

View the systems supported by XIA Configuration.

Determine if your IT complies to security standards and best practices with compliance benchmark tests.

Use the integrated task scheduler to automatically execute tasks within XIA Configuration.

Automatically update the XIA Configuration Client installed on remote machines in a multiple deployment environment.

Automatically generate professional documentation in PDF format with your own bespoke company branding.

Compare the configuration of systems against previous versions to see changes, or compare two different servers to see differences.

Extend and customise the functionality of XIA Configuration to meet your specific requirements.

The PDF output provides us with detailed, professional documentation which our customers love

As an IT service provider, using XIA Configuration Server has led to huge efficiency gains in our client support services. The speed and convenience with which we can access the configuration data of their servers and systems allows us to react quickly and has really helped us add value for our customers.


The powerful reporting features enable us to easily get the information we need and the PDF output provides us with detailed, professional documentation which our customers love.

We’ve been very impressed with the support from CENTREL Solutions, they help resolve technical queries and implement new features to meet our specific requirements.

Morten Waltorp Knudsen
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Disaster Recovery

Generate the technical documentation you need to help fully restore your environment.

Automatically document the relationships between servers, devices and roles. Create your own custom relationships.

Extend the configuration of any item with your own custom sections and attributes.

Store technical information and troubleshooting guides alongside other items within XIA Configuration.

Increase the value of your MSP offering by providing a unique, fully automated technical documentation service.

Use the mobile interface to access your network configuration information on your Apple iPhone or Google Android device.

XIA Configuration has been built from the ground up with a multi-tenant architecture so you can manage all your clients in one place.

Record passwords and user accounts. Access control can be used to determine which users can view stored passwords.

Document IT infrastructure in an easy, fast and standardised way

This software is helping us to document our IT infrastructure in an easy, fast and standardised way.


Furthermore it provides us with useful information which we are using to generate reports for
compliance purposes and statistical analysis.

Easy to use, configure and most of all CENTREL Solutions has great and fast support!

Christophe Berthuy
IT System Engineer Expert
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Specific reports have been created to assist you in providing information aligned to PCI DSS requirements.

Connect to the XIA Configuration database with PowerShell to programmatically search, view, change and export data.

Use the preconfigured reports to analyse your IT infrastructure. Customise reports directly using SQL.

Use XIA Configuration's integrated search to quickly and easily find items in your inventory.

Manually create support and maintenance contracts and assign them to your assets.

Track changes to your IT and detect changes. Retrieve the data you need to undo unauthorised changes.

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