XIA Configuration Feature

Use PowerShell to view and export the configuration of your IT infrastructure

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PowerShell Support

Connect to XIA Configuration with PowerShell to easily search, view information, make changes and export data to PDF or XML.

Find out more about using PowerShell with XIA Configuration in our administrator's guide.

Example Code

Here is just one example of the many different uses of our web services API.

Connect to the server

# Connect to the configuration web service.
$url = "http://localhost/xiaconfiguration/webservice/xiaconfiguration.asmx";
Write-Host "Connecting to standard web service at" $url;
$xia = New-WebServiceProxy -UseDefaultCredential -Uri $url;
Write-Host "Connected as" $xia.WhoAmI();

Basic Search

In the following example, a basic search is performed and the output displayed in the PowerShell window:

$searchResults = $xia.DO_PerformBasicSearch("DEMO-DHCP*")
foreach ($searchResult in $searchResults.SearchResult)
    Write-Host $searchResult.Name "-" $searchResult.ItemID;


The search results which match the criteria are returned:

PowerShell screenshot

For more information about using PowerShell and the XIA Configuration API, please view the administrator's guide.

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