XIA Configuration - Feature
Extend the data stored in XIA Configuration

Data Extensibility

The primary design goal of XIA Configuration is to automate as much of the configuration information as possible. However, some information cannot be obtained programmatically, for example:

XIA Configuration handles this by allowing users to extend any of the configuration types with custom sections and attributes. These are seamlessly integrated into the user interface and PDF exports.

Custom Sections

Create your own sections to store additional data.

Custom section
A custom section to store ISP details

Custom Attributes

Define the attributes for the data. These can be constrained, for example by making them mandatory, or with regular expressions.

Custom text attribute
A custom text attribute to store the ISP name

Or by making them drop down lists.

Custom drop down list attribute
A custom drop down attribute to store the connection type

User Interface

When viewed in the end user interface, the custom section is displayed within the menu tree with its own icon. Each of the custom attributes are displayed within a single form for completion by the user.

Custom attributes user interface
The data extensions are seamlessly integrated into the user interface

Export to PDF

When exported to PDF, the custom sections are displayed individually within the navigation and table of contents.

Custom attributes PDF
The data extensions are seamlessly integrated into the PDF output

For more information about custom sections and attributes, please view the administrator's guide.

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