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Unrestricted Multi-tenant Support

Shared web access across departments and your customers

XIA Configuration was designed from the ground up to support multitenancy including multiple departments, directorates and customers, all within a single, shared, web-accessible management interface.

Whether you support in-house IT infrastructure, or you're an IT support provider with multiple customers, XIA Configuration can meet your organizational requirements.

Hide Data Based On Access Rights

With User Access Evaluation, data within the organizational tree can be hidden from customers based on their access rights.

A system administrator can see all customers:

Screenshot showing a System Administrator can see all customers
A system administrator can see all customers

Each customer can only see their own data:

Screenshot showing Customer A cannot see other customers
Customer A cannot see other customers

Automatically Organise Data

Item creation rules can be used to define how and where new items are created within the inventory. This allows items to be automatically placed into the relevant customer container.

Configure routing rules within XIA Configuration based on:

  • Client Hostname
  • Client Username
  • Environment Identifier
  • Item Type

Configure default rule to "catch all" and route to a secure container.

Screenshot showing Item Creation Rules in the XIA Configuration web interface
Item creation rules ensure items are created in the correct tenant

Manually Organise Data

Easily move items between containers in your organizational structure by selecting them and clicking Move to Container:

Screenshot showing Move to Container option in the XIA Configuration web interface
Manually move items

Set Tenant Security

Set security on individual items or on containers allowing granular security configuration of your data and your customers' data.

Screenshot showing security entries for a customer in the XIA Configuration web interface
Specify permissions for your tenants

For more information about security, please view the administrator's guide.

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