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Network Switch Configuration Audit & Documentation Tool

Automatically inventory your network switch configuration and connected devices with our network documentation tool XIA Configuration. Use the PDF export feature to generate professional reports.

Here are a few examples of how XIA Configuration can be used to benefit your organisation:

  • Locate incorrectly configured port and duplex settings
  • Determine what devices are or were connected to a specific switch port
  • Audit the manufacturers and models currently supported by the organisation

All of XIA Configuration's features are supported when documenting network switches, including version control, production of professional documentation, inventory, reporting, change tracking, XML output and more.

Network Switch Documentation Example

View an example network switch document generated by XIA Configuration Server:

Network Switch Configuration PDF
Network Switch documentation sample PDF output (click to open)

Network Switches

XIA Configuration Server documents network switches from various manufacturers that support SNMP management. To understand the capabilities of your network equipment, refer to the documentation provided by your switch manufacturer.

The following information can be obtained from all switch manufacturers:

  • Switch Name
  • Description
  • ARP cache
  • Ports
  • IP addresses
  • Base MAC address
  • Routing table

Dependant on the capabilities of the switch, the following information may also be available:

  • Serial number
  • Model
  • Firmware
  • Software Version
  • Port speed, duplex and flow control
  • Asset Tag
  • Product Number / Service Tag
  • Stacking information
Screenshot of network switch configuration
XIA Configuration Server screenshot of network switch configuration

Connected Devices

Easily check the devices connected to the ports of a network switch

XIA Configuration Server screenshot of the devices connected to a network switch
XIA Configuration Server screenshot of the devices connected to a network switch

Relationship Map

In addition to showing connected devices support contracts and the container in which the switch resides are displayed in the relationship map

Relationship map screenshot

Network Switch Port Configuration

Dependant on the network switch manufacturer and model, XIA Configuration Server can automatically obtain detailed information about the port configuration of a network switch.

XIA Configuration Server screenshot of network switch port information
XIA Configuration Server screenshot of network switch port information

Network Switch Detection

Using the industry standard SNMP protocol, XIA Configuration Server can detect and document network switches through broadcast or via a network range.

Switch client screenshot


View the sample document or find out more about XIA Configuration. You may also be interested in how to document a network.

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