XIA Configuration

Azure Reporting Tool

Software to help you audit the configuration of your Azure tenant

Use our Azure reporting tool XIA Configuration to provide visibility into the configuration of your Microsoft Azure environments. Run reports against your Azure configuration and perform audits on Azure resources and network security groups.

  • In-Depth Reporting. Run reports to get the data you need to audit your Azure environments
  • Centralized Auditing. Audit settings across all your Azure environments from a single web interface
  • Security Compliance. Check your Windows virtual machines follow best practices and security standards

XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection.

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XIA Configuration can also be used to automatically generate documentation for your environments.

Report on Azure settings

Create reports or use the built-in reports to audit your Azure configuration including:

  • Tenants
  • Subscriptions
  • Resources
Screenshot of the Azure resources summary report output in the XIA Configuration web interface
Audit your Azure resources

Create custom reports to query the full range of data collected by XIA Configuration.

Export to CSV

Export your report to CSV and open it in Microsoft Excel for further analysis:

Microsoft Azure resource types summary report viewed in Excel
Audit your Azure resources in Microsoft Excel

Export to PDF

Export your report to a professional PDF document:

Screenshot of the Azure disks detailed summary report cover
Generate a PDF report of your Azure disks

For more information about the reporting feature, please view the reporting page.

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