XIA Configuration

Distributed File System (DFS) Documentation Tool

Automatically document your DFS namespaces and replication groups

Save time by using our DFS documentation tool XIA Configuration to automatically document your Distributed File System settings. Record a history of all changes and ease the burden of troubleshooting misconfiguration.

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Automatically generate your DFS documentation

View a sample Active Directory document containing DFS configuration:

A screenshot of an Active Directory PDF document
Automatically generate your DFS documentation with XIA Configuration

XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection and PowerShell support.

Report on your DFS settings

Audit your DFS configuration across multiple domains at once.

A screenshot showing the DFS namespaces report in the XIA Configuration web interface
Audit your DFS settings

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Track changes

Troubleshoot unwanted changes with detailed DFS settings comparison.

A screenshot showing the comparison of DFS settings
See changes to your DFS settings e.g. namespace folders

View your DFS configuration

View your Distributed File System configuration in a web interface.

A screenshot showing a DFS namespace
View your DFS settings in the XIA Configuration web interface

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