A must have in the IT kit for today's complex networks and systems

One of the biggest items that is almost always missing from IT departments is documentation. Documenting IT networks can make the troubleshooting process much more efficient when problems arise. This network documentation can also help you spot areas of your systems and networks that may need to be upgraded, giving you the possibility of earning extra revenue, and making sure industry best practices are adhered to.

XIA Configuration Server has been the savior to us as we have a very heterogeneous IT system with Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Citrix, etc - all the industry-leading products and technologies - and documenting all the applications, networks etc would be impossible without a product like XIA Configuration Server. We are very grateful that we found this product which, apart from documenting, also acts like a change management system giving us full control of what is happening in the network. I think it's a must-have tool for all the IT leaders who want to stay top of the game and I think this product is a dream come true to many IT professionals including IT Leaders, Consultants, System Administrators, Service Providers etc.

Thank you Centrel Team.

Mohammed Ahmed
Head of IT
Bridge Academy

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