Automated User Provisioning into Microsoft Office 365

Automate the process of provisioning user accounts to Office 365 through a simple web form or CSV import using XIA Automation Server.

Create or Update Office 365 Accounts

XIA Automation Server can create or update existing Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

Once the Office 365 domain has been configured, you can configure a new task within XIA Automation Server:

Screenshot of general settings in an Office 365 account task

You can then specify the settings required for the account using variables or setting values as required:

Screenshot of task settings in an Office 365 account task

The behaviour can be modified to create or update accounts as required:

Screenshot of behaviour settings in an Office 365 account task

Users then complete the simple form or use the CSV import section to create the users.


Read more about this feature in the administrator's guide or find out more about XIA Automation.

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