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Compare Two IIS Web Sites Configuration

Compare the settings of two IIS web sites with our software

Compare the settings of two IIS web sites using our software XIA Configuration. Compare the current setup of an IIS web site to previous configurations or compare two different IIS web sites.

Compare two IIS web sites

In this example, the configuration of an IIS web site is compared to another IIS web site.

In the compare two IIS servers window, the IIS web sites are selected and compared. The differences between the settings of the two IIS web sites are shown:

Screenshot showing the comparison of two IIS web sitesin the XIA Configuration web interface
View the configuration differences between the two IIS web sites

Export to PDF

Export the comparison results to a PDF report to share with others.

Screenshot of the cover page of a PDF containing the comparison results
Share the comparison results with others by exporting to PDF

Export to XML

Export the results to XML for further analysis in other tools.

Screenshot of comparison results in Excel
View comparison results in Microsoft Excel

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