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ZENworks Novell Application Launcher (NAL) Replacement

XIA Links has been successfully used by our customers to replace some of the functionality of ZENworks Novell Application Launcher (NAL) when users have migrated from Novell networks to Microsoft Active Directory.

XIA Links has helped reduce the impact of the change on users by providing a user interface and experience that is similar to what they are accustomed to.

Find out more about what some of our customers had to say below.

The perfect replacement for Novell Delivered Applications

Our firm has used Novell Delivered Applications since 1999 and our users rely on it heavily for fast access to their most commonly used applications.

We were concerned about them losing that convenience when we eliminated Novell, but learned about XIA from an ILTA posting and it was the perfect replacement. We can structure their folders and view almost exactly as they appeared in Novell Delivered Applications and we know that will save us hundreds of helpdesk calls about trying to locate shortcuts!

Leanne Bains
IT Manager
Maynard Cooper & Gale, P.C.

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CENTREL Solutions helped me to migrate applications and configurations to XIA Links

Is a pleasure to work with CENTREL Solutions, in my case when working on a migration from Novell Application Launcher to XIA Links.

They showed great knowledge and customer engagement and helped me to migrate applications and configurations to the new platform.

I would certainly recommend CENTREL Solutions as a strategic technology partner.

Germán Lagomarsino
Infrastructure Architect

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Precisely what we needed to optimize the management of our desktops

Leaving Novell, we had to have a centralized management tool for shortcuts, links and URLs. XIA Links meets this need perfectly.

Adaptable, customizable and with responsive support this is precisely what we needed to optimize the management of our desktops.

Franck Juillard
Systems Administrator
Groupama Grand Est

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XIA Links is stable, fast, and well-integrated with Active Directory

We were looking for an application launcher comparable to the old NAL. XIA Links is a good application, without the bloat of a full Novell Desktop implementation. The software is stable, fast, and well-integrated with Active Directory. It does seem apparent that a lot of the functionality was built around customer feedback (which is fantastic).

Being familiar with Novell Application Launcher, we wanted a comparable product for the users. Surprisingly, there are very few products out there that perform this task. XIA Links will provide a consistent user application launcher experience to our organization.

Boyle Wong
Information Systems Manager
Village of Morton Grove

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XIA Links is exactly the tool for the replacement of ZENworks Application Launcher

XIA Links is exactly the tool for the replacement of ZENworks Application Launcher. It is easy to handle, limited to the essential features for the central display and start of these applications.

Uwe Neumann
Thüringer Aufbaubank

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Migrate from Novell to Microsoft File server

Pros: XIA Links is easy to install, makes it easy to manage icons, security, and is simple to use.

Cons: Can't remember anything that is not good.

Reasons for choosing XIA Links: No other program offered anything like it, it's so useful and easy to use for such a price.

Reasons for switching to XIA Links: Migrate from Novell to Microsoft File server.

Comments (Benefits): We have a lot of programs / shortcuts that must be delivered to users, organized by application groups by use, and easy to set security rights for users.

Dušan Uranic
Sektor informacijsko komunikacijske tehnologije
Gorenjska banka

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