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Automatically generate your Azure documentation

Use our Azure virtual machine documentation tool XIA Configuration to automatically document your Azure virtual machines.

Azure documentation example generated by XIA Configuration
Automatically generate your Azure documentation with XIA Configuration

For detailed documentation of virtual machine configuration, see the Windows page and the Unix page.

Track Changes and Compare

Compare virtual machines to see differences or compare versions to see changes.

Screenshot showing the comparison of the latest version of an Azure tenant with the previous version
Compare the configuration of your Azure virtual machines

Information documented by XIA Configuration

The following Azure virtual machine settings are documented by XIA Configuration:

  • General Settings
  • Location
  • System
  • Operating System
  • Power State
  • Boot Diagnostics
  • Network Interfaces
  • Extensions
  • Sizing
  • Locks
  • Role Assignments
  • Disks
  • Availability Sets
  • Proximity Placement Groups

To see all the Azure settings documented by XIA Configuration, navigate up to Azure

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