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Compare Two Computers Configuration

Compare the configuration of two computers

Use XIA Configuration to compare the configuration of two Windows or Unix computers. This feature can be used to compare the current setup of a computer to previous configurations or to compare different computers.

The following video demonstrates how to use XIA Configuration to compare two different Windows servers:

Compare two Windows computers using XIA Configuration

Compare two Windows servers configuration

In this example, the configuration of a Windows failover cluster server is compared to another Windows failover cluster server.

Firstly, the Windows servers to be compared are selected:

Screenshot showing two Windows servers selected in the XIA Configuration web interface
Select two Windows servers to compare

The differences between the two Windows servers are shown:

Screenshot showing the differences between the configuration of two Windows servers in the XIA Configuration web interface
View only the differences between the configuration of the two Windows servers

Export to PDF

The results of the comparison can be exported to a PDF report:

Screenshot of the cover page of a PDF containing the comparison results
Share the comparison results with others by exporting to PDF

Export to XML

The results can also be exported to XML and, for example, analysed in Microsoft Excel:

Screenshot of comparison results in Excel
Comparison results exported to XML and viewed in Excel

Compare Unix Computers

View changes that have occurred on an individual Unix computer, or differences between two different Unix computers. In this example, an entry has been added to the hosts file.

A screenshot showing an additional entry in a Unix hosts file
View changes to a Unix computer e.g. the hosts file

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