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Windows Compliance Benchmark
Ensure your Windows servers comply to security benchmarks

Windows Server Security Benchmark Compliance Tool

Check your Windows servers and workstations adhere to security standards with our benchmark compliance tool XIA Configuration.

Screenshot of the Windows Basic Compliance Benchmark in the XIA Configuration web interface
Check your Windows security with over 340 built-in benchmark tests
View Sample Report

Harden your Windows security

The Windows compliance benchmark includes over 340 benchmark tests to check your security settings across the following sections:

  • Password Policy
  • Account Lockout Policy
  • Windows Remote Management (WinRM)
  • Local Accounts
  • Server Functions
  • Remote Desktop Settings
  • Audit Settings
  • Windows Update
  • Windows Time
  • SNMP
  • Deprecated Components and Protocols
  • Windows Event Log
  • User Rights Assignment
  • Windows Firewall
  • Security Options

To see all the tests in the Windows compliance benchmark, please view the sample report.

Customise Windows benchmark tests

Tailor each Windows benchmark test to meet your organization's policies and security requirements.

Screenshot of custom compliance benchmark settings in the XIA Configuration Client
Specify benchmark test values that meet your specific security policies

Audit all your Windows computers

Use the reporting feature to check all your Windows servers and workstations against every compliance benchmark at once.

Screenshot of Compliance Benchmark results in the XIA Configuration web interface
Check the security of all your Windows servers and workstations at once


Apply filters to narrow down the results to particular items, benchmarks or references within a benchmark.

Screenshot of Compliance Benchmark Results filters
Filter Windows benchmark results

Export to CSV

Export the report results to CSV for further analysis.

Screenshot of the Compliance Benchmark Results report in Microsoft Excel
Export Windows benchmark results to CSV

Exclude results

Exclude results that aren't applicable to your organization.

Screenshot of the Exclude Results option in the XIA Configuration Client
Exclude Windows benchmark results

Create your own benchmark

Create your own compliance benchmarks by writing a plugin.

Screenshot of Dynamic Agent Plugin code in the XIA Configuration Client
Write your own Windows benchmark

More information

Information used by the Windows benchmark is provided by the following pages:

The advanced audit policy is based on the Microsoft audit policy recommendations "Stronger Recommendation".

For more information about compliance benchmarking, please view the administrator's guide.

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