XIA Automation v3

How to disable staff accounts in Active Directory

The following example can be used in XIA Automation v3 as a basis for the disabling of staff user accounts within a school environment. The sample matches practices designed for use by a number of schools and support organizations within the UK, however, can be configured to meet individual educational requirements.

View a sample XIA Automation v3 profile to create student and staff accounts.


  •  Create a new automation profile called "Disable Staff Accounts"

  • Set the access control as required
  • Create a new Dynamic Variable > Active Directory Search variable
  • Configure the variable

  • On the setting tab configure as Fixed List
  • Configure the Directory Settings > Search Type as Enabled Accounts
  • Configure the appropriate LDAP path to where the staff accounts reside

  • Create a new Task > Active Directory > Create or Update a User Account and configure the General Settings appropriately

  • Configure the Account Name and LDAP path

  • On the Account tab set the Account Disabled setting to True

  • On the Behaviour tab ensure that Create Account is set to False, and Update Existing is set to True

  • Test the automation profile meets your requirements