XIA Automation

Sample Configuration to Create Student and Staff Accounts

The following sample configuration can be used as a basis for the provision of staff and student user accounts using XIA Automation Server within a school environment. The configuration matches practices designed for use by a number of schools and support organisations within the UK, however, can be configured to meet individual educational requirements.

The configuration file sets up the Active Directory structure and creates student and staff accounts.

Active Directory Structure

The Active Directory structure is configured, starting with the creation of a School Site Organisational Unit which branches into Staff and Pupils OUs - which is subsequently subdivided into intake years. The use of Intake Years allows for students remain in a single location in Active Directory, unlike using for example Year 8, Year 9 etc which would involve moving the student account every school year.

Active Directory layout

Student users

Student users are created with a username First Initial | Surname | Intake year - for example dsweeny10.

  • Made a member of a group for their intake year
  • A default password of Passw0rd is configured
  • Assigned the login script pupils.bat
Student user
  • Home space is created for the student in the directory D:\homes\intakeyear\username
  • The directory is shared granting a share permission of Everyone : Full Control
  • NTFS Permissions are set giving Staff and Administrators full control, and the student Modify permission
Student home
  • Within the configuration, it is also possible to mailbox enable the account within Microsoft Exchange by enabling and configuring the Mailbox Enable Account task
Student mail enable
  • Finally, it is possible to configure the Send Email task to send an email alert when a provision completes successfully.

Staff Accounts

Staff users are created with a username of First Initial | Surname example jcopella. If this username already exists a numeric value is appended, for example jcopella1.

  • Made a member of the Staff group, which is created if it does not exist
  • A default password of Enterpr1se! is configured
  • Assigned the login script staff.bat
Staff user
  • Home space is created for the staff member in the directory D:\homes\staff\username
  • The directory is shared granting a share permission of Everyone : Full Control
  • NTFS Permissions are set giving the user, SYSTEM and Administrators full control
  • As with student accounts, it is possible to configure a mailbox enable task as well as email alerting for when staff users are created or updated

Importing the Sample Configuration File

  • Download the sample configuration file(s) below
  • Backup the current XIA Automation Server settings
  • Right click the Automation Profiles node and click Import Profile from XML
Import profile
  • Browse for the sample configuration file that you downloaded in the first step


PLEASE NOTE: The configurations within this file are provided for demonstration purposes only and are not designed to be used directly in production environments without first being fully evaluated and modified if necessary to meet your requirements. CENTREL Solutions accepts no liability for any loss caused by their use or misuse.

This document does not detail every setting configured by this automation profiles. It is recommended that you review all settings within the XIA Automation Server user interface before deploying to a production environment.

action point Download Student Creation Profile (zip)

action point Download Staff Creation Profile (zip)