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How to export and backup your IIS server configuration

Export and backup the configuration of your IIS servers

Export and backup your IIS server configuration with our automated documentation tool XIA Configuration.

IIS documentation example generated by XIA Configuration
Export IIS server configuration to a PDF with XIA Configuration

Example: How to export your IIS configuration

1. Create an IIS Server Scan Task

Create an IIS Server scan task in the XIA Configuration Client.

2. Scan the IIS Servers

In the XIA Configuration Client, either start a scan manually or schedule a scan.

XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection and PowerShell support.

3. Export to PDF

In the XIA Configuration Server, right click the IIS Servers you want to export then press Save As PDF.

Screenshot showing Save As PDF in the XIA Configuration web interface
Export your IIS server configuration to a PDF

Select the IIS server settings to include in the PDFs then generate the documentation. A single PDF document is exported for each IIS server.

Screenshot showing exported IIS Server PDF documents in Windows Explorer
Exported IIS server PDFs

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