XIA Configuration

Microsoft Exchange Documentation Tool

Free up your time by documenting your Exchange organizations automatically

Use our Microsoft Exchange documentation tool XIA Configuration to automatically document your Exchange Online (a part of Microsoft Office 365) and Exchange On-Premises organizations. Record your configuration, track changes, and cut costs.

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XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection and PowerShell support.

Automatically generate your Exchange documentation

View an example Exchange document generated by XIA Configuration:

Microsoft Exchange documentation example generated by XIA Configuration
Automatically generate your Microsoft Exchange documentation with XIA Configuration

Watch our Exchange documentation tool in action

This video demonstrates the Exchange document generation and reporting features of XIA Configuration:

A video demonstrating our Exchange documentation software XIA Configuration

To see an overview video, visit the XIA Configuration product page.

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Track changes and compare versions

Compare Exchange Organizations or servers to see differences or compare two versions of the same item to see what has changed.

Screenshot showing the comparison of two Exchange Servers in the same Exchange Organization
View the differences between your Exchange servers

Audit your Exchange configuration

In addition to generating Exchange documentation, you can run reports to gather data across environments.

The reports are web-accessible and include filtering, sorting and exporting to CSV and PDF.

Screenshot of the Dynamic Distribution Groups Detailed Summary report in the XIA Configuration web interface
Audit your Exchange configuration with reports

View your Exchange configuration

View your Exchange configuration in a web interface.

Screenshot of the Exchange Organization summary in the XIA Configuration web interface
View your Exchange configuration in the XIA Configuration web interface

For information on documenting Windows settings, please view the Windows page.

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