XIA Configuration

Server Inventory Tool

Software that creates an inventory of your Windows servers and workstations

Use our server inventory tool XIA Configuration to discover your Windows servers and automatically create a centralized inventory.

  • Automated Inventory. Automatically search Active Directory to detect and inventory your computers
  • Change Tracking. Track changes made to servers in your inventory
  • In-Depth Reporting. Audit your server inventory with the reporting feature

XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection and PowerShell support.

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Automated Server Inventory

Create a server inventory, including server roles such as IIS and DNS, by automatically detecting and scanning Windows machines that are members of your Active Directory domain.

Screenshot of Active Directory search and detection settings in the XIA Configuration Client
Automatically dicover servers that are members of an Active Directory domain

Windows machines can also be scanned by specifying a list of machine names or IP addresses.

Unified Web Access

Inventory information retrieved from your environments is stored centrally and displayed in a unified web interface. XIA Configuration supports multitenancy so you can ensure each part of your organization, or each of your customers, can only see their own data.

Screenshot showing servers and server roles in the XIA Configuration web interface
View your entire inventory from one central location

Use XIA Configuration to automatically generate server documentation for all your inventory items.

Track Changes and Compare Windows Servers

Compare different Windows machines in your inventory to see differences or compare two versions of the same Windows machine to see changes. For example, compare the latest configuration with the previous one.

Screenshot showing a Windows Patch has been added to this Windows server
Compare servers to see changes such as Windows patches being installed

Detailed configuration is included in your inventory about your software, hardware, security, and networking settings.


Execute reports to retrieve detailed configuration data from your inventory.

For example, the software installation report enables you to audit the software installed on all your Windows servers and workstations.

Screenshot showing the software installation report in the XIA Configuration web interface
Audit the software installed across all of your servers

For more information about Windows, please view the Windows page.

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