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Resolve Active Directory property name GUIDs in Audit Logs

When you're auditing Active Directory using "Directory Service Access" and viewing the corresponding event log entries, you may see the property names of the values that have changed as GUIDs:

Event properties

CENTREL Solutions has produced a simple name resolution tool which allows you to easily resolve this:

GUID resolver

Send an email to tools@centrel-solutions.com for your free copy.

How to document a network

This page describes how to document a network using our automated documentation tool XIA Configuration.

The software can be used to automatically generate professional documentation across a wide range of capabilities e.g. Windows servers:

Windows Server documentation example PDF output
Windows Server documentation example generated by XIA Configuration (click to open)

Follow these steps to document your network:

1. Install XIA Configuration Server

Download and install XIA Configuration Server.

2. Scan your network

Open the XIA Configuration Client and scan your network.

Screenshot of available scan tasks in the XIA Configuration Client
Screenshot of available scan tasks in the XIA Configuration Client

3. View configuration

View the scanned data in the XIA Configuration Server web interface.

Screenshot of network information in the XIA Configuration Server web interface
Screenshot of network information in the XIA Configuration Server web interface

4. Generate documentation

Select 'Save as PDF' to generate a document detailing the configuration of your network.

  View Example Documentation

Try documenting your network for free

No commitments. No costs. Try XIA Configuration today.

Install XIA Configuration Client Fix

This page describes how to install a XIA Configuration Client quick fix.

  1. Download and unzip the patch that was sent to you by CENTREL Solutions support.
  2. Close the XIA Configuration Client tools user interface.
  3. Open the services.mmc management console.
  4. Stop the XIA Configuration Service: Stop XIA Configuration Service
  5. Replace the files in the following (default) location with those from the patch file:
    C:\Program Files\CENTREL Solutions\XIA Configuration\XIA Configuration Service
  6. Start the XIA Configuration Service.
  7. Perform the scan again.
  8. Please contact CENTREL Solutions support to confirm whether the patch has resolved your issue.

Install .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1)

XIA Automation requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (also known as .NET Framework 3.5.1) before they can be installed.

Due to the new way that Microsoft implements backwards compatibility in the .NET Framework, if you have installed .NET Framework 4.0, you are still required to install .NET Framework 3.5.

Windows Server 2008 R2 and later

Please install the .NET Framework 3.5 Feature using Server Manager:

Microsoft .NET 3.5.1 feature

Windows 7 and later

Please install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 feature using Programs and Features in Control Panel:

Microsoft .NET 3.5.1 client feature

Windows Server 2003, 2008, Vista, and XP

Please visit the following Microsoft download page for more details:

Install SQL Server Express for XIA Configuration

This support article is for users wishing to install XIA Configuration Server, but who do not have an existing SQL Server.

IMPORTANT: Cancel and close the XIA Configuration Server installer if it is open.

Could not load file or assembly 'SSPI.dll'


When scanning a VMware vCenter server with XIA Configuration Server v9.1, you may see the following error:

Could not load file or assembly 'SSPI.dll' or one of its dependencies

- or -

Mixed mode assembly is built against version 'v2.0.50727' of the runtime and cannot be loaded in the 4.0 runtime


This is due to a bug in the SSPI.dll used to provide SSPI support for the VMware system agent. This allows the system to scan a vCenter server running on Windows using the service account credentials.


To resolve this issue, please upgrade to the latest version of XIA Configuration Server.

Troubleshoot TeamViewer Connections

To troubleshoot issues with TeamViewer first run the TeamViewer application from here
If the connection does not say Ready to connect check the following
  1. Ensure that the machine has an internet connection and that port HTTPS/443 is allowed out through the firewall. Please see the TeamViewer guide on Which ports are required for TeamViewer for more information about the firewall requirements.
  2. Ensure that the TeamViewer servers have not been explicitly blocked by your network support team.
  3. Click the cog icon to view the TeamViewer options.

  4. Click Configure next to the Proxy Settings section and ensure that the settings match your network configuration.
  5. Ensure that Enable logging is ticked and click Open log files. Please send the log files to the CENTREL Solutions support team.

There is a problem with this Windows installer package


When uninstalling XIA Configuration Server or the XIA Configuration Client, you receive the error

There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

Screenshot of the Windows installer issue


This is due to an issue with Windows UAC (User Access Control) when you are performing the uninstallation as a user who is an Administrator but not the Administrator and are using Programs and Features in Control panel to perform the uninstall.


To resolve this issue either:

Logon as the local Administrator account and perform the uninstall.

- or -

Run the installation application (setup.exe) directly and select the Uninstall option. This will correctly elevate the user.

XIA Configuration Sever v12.2 Beta

The XIA Configuration Server v12.2 Beta is now live.

The XIA Configuration v12.2 Beta includes:

Screenshot showing the Windows Basic Compliance Benchmark in the XIA Configuration Server web interface
Screenshot showing the Windows Basic Compliance Benchmark in the XIA Configuration Server web interface

Note: This software is for test and evaluation purposes only and must not be used on production systems. You cannot upgrade from a Beta version to a release version of the software. See the end user license agreement below for more information.

Current Version Release
1stt October 2020

Trial License

Download Installer


Upgrade Notes

Release Notes

End User License Agreement (EULA)