Group Policy Desktop Shortcuts

Using Group Policy Desktop shortcuts to link to applications on your network has various limitations which are described below.

XIA Links overcomes these limitations.

Screenshot of the XIA Links Client
Screenshot of the desktop icon manager XIA Links

Limitations of Group Policy Desktop Redirection and User Profiles

Group Policy Desktop redirection and roaming or mandatory user profiles have several limitations in this area including:

  • They cannot account for applications being installed in different locations on different machines.
  • They cannot account for different versions of the same application being installed on different machines.
  • Applications that are not installed on a machine, or that the user does not have permission to access, are still shown.
  • When you are dealing with a large number of applications the desktop can become cluttered.

Overcoming this limitation with XIA Links

XIA Links allows you to configure multiple possible locations to an application to account for different install locations between machines and for multiple versions of an application on the same machine.

Screenshot of application location settings in the XIA Links interface

Additionally, any applications that are not found on a machine can be hidden from users.

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