XIA Configuration

Azure Documentation Generator Tool

Automated documentation software to help you keep track of your Azure tenant

Save time by using our Azure documentation tool XIA Configuration to automatically generate your Microsoft Azure documentation. Instantly report on your Azure infrastructure, track changes, and reduce effort otherwise spent performing these tasks manually.

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Automatically generate your Azure documentation

View an example document generated by XIA Configuration of an Azure tenant:

Azure documentation example generated by XIA Configuration
Automatically generate your Azure documentation with XIA Configuration

XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection and PowerShell support.

Track Changes and Compare

Compare virtual machines or tenants to see differences or compare versions to see changes.

Screenshot showing the comparison of the latest version of an Azure tenant with the previous version
Compare the present configuration of your Azure tenant with a configuration in the past

Relationship Map

View the relationships between your Azure tenant and other items in XIA Configuration.

Screenshot of an Azure relationship map in the XIA Configuration web interface
View an interactive relationship map of your Azure tenant

Azure Reporting

Run reports across the breadth of data within your environments.

For example, view a summary of all your Azure resources:

Screenshot of the Azure resources summary report output in the XIA Configuration web interface
Audit your Azure resources

View your Azure configuration

View your Azure configuration in a unified interface.

A screenshot showing Azure general information
View your Azure settings in a unified interface

XIA Configuration can also be used to document your Windows and Unix virtual machines.

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See how XIA Configuration can help you:

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Tutorial Video

Learn how to scan and document your Microsoft Azure tenants with XIA Configuration:

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