XIA Configuration

Azure Inventory Management Tool

Automatically create an inventory or your Azure resources with our software

Use our Azure inventory management tool XIA Configuration to discover your Azure resources and create a detailed inventory.

  • Automated Inventory. Scan Azure to automatically detect and inventory your resources
  • Change tracking. Track changes made to your Azure environments
  • In-Depth Reporting. Audit your inventory with the reporting feature

Detailed configuration is automatically included in your inventory such as tenant information, Microsoft Entra ID, resources, virtual machines, SQL, network settings, web applications, and more.

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XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection.

Centralized Access

Inventory information retrieved from your environments is stored centrally and displayed in a unified web interface. XIA Configuration supports multitenancy so you can ensure each part of your organization, or each of your customers, can only see their own data.

Screenshot showing inventory information in the XIA Configuration web interface
Build an inventory of your environments

XIA Configuration can also be used to automatically generate documentation for your environments.

Azure Inventory

Detailed inventory information on Azure, including resources, can be accessed by opening the Azure item.

Screenshot of Azure resources in the XIA Configuration web interface
View an inventory of your Azure resources

Detailed Configuration

Drill down into each resource to see detailed configuration.

Screenshot of Azure virtual machine system settings in the XIA Configuration web interface
Each item in the inventory contains detailed configuration

For more information about Azure, please view the Azure page.

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