XIA Configuration

Backup Exec Reporting & Documentation Tool

Software to help you keep track of your Backup Exec configuration

Use our Backup Exec reporting and documentation tool XIA Configuration to automatically document your Backup Exec server configuration.

  • Automate Documentation
    Generate documentation with custom branding
  • Streamline Auditing
    Use the reporting feature to audit all your servers at once
  • Track Changes
    Compare servers to expose incorrect configuration
  • Inventory
    Scan Active Directory to detect and inventory Symantec Backup Exec servers

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Automatically generate your Backup Exec documentation

View an example document generated by XIA Configuration of a Backup Exec server:

Backup Exec report generated by XIA Configuration
Automatically generate your Backup Exec documentation with XIA Configuration

XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection and PowerShell support.

Backup Exec Reporting

Audit your configuration across multiple Backup Exec servers at once.

Screenshot showing the Backup Exec agent servers report in the XIA Configuration web interface
Audit the agent servers configured on your Backup Exec servers

Create custom reports to query the full range of data collected by XIA Configuration.

Export to CSV

Export your report to CSV for further analysis:

Backup Exec agent servers report viewed in Excel
Generate a CSV report of your Backup Exec agent servers


Automatically detect and scan Backup Exec server installations on Windows machines which, in turn, are automatically detected when scanning Active Directory.

Screenshot of Active Directory search and detection settings in the XIA Configuration Client
Automatically find Backup Exec servers

Backup Exec servers can also be scanned manually by specifying a list of names or IP addresses.

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