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XIA Configuration: The automated network documentation tool

Automate Documentation

Automatically document your IT infrastructure with our network documentation tool XIA Configuration.

Network documentation example for Windows server

Enhance Reporting

Run reports on operating systems, hardware, and server roles including Windows, AD, Exchange, Hyper-V, Azure, VMware, Citrix, and more.

Screenshot of in-depth operating system information in XIA Configuration Server's web interface

Simplify Auditing

Audit the configuration of different systems in a unified web interface. Track changes and expose security vulnerabilities.

Screenshot of the unified user interface of our network documentation tool XIA Configuration Server

We recommend XIA Configuration to anyone looking to automate the production of their server documentation

We're really happy with XIA Configuration. It automates what used to take 2 days in no time at all and it can be run as often as you like. We use it on all our Windows Servers, Windows PCs, Active Directory, Citrix Farms and our VMware environment to produce the documentation we need for our external auditors.

The support from CENTREL Solutions has been excellent. We raised a few queries and the responses were prompt and very helpful.

We would certainly recommend XIA Configuration to anyone looking to automate the production of their server documentation as it has saved us a great deal of effort.

Mick Fox
I.C.T. Services Manager
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How can XIA Configuration help you?

Automatically create documentation

Turn days of time-consuming, manual documentation work into an automated process that takes seconds.

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Record your configuration

Discover your servers and record their configuration to help with troubleshooting and disaster recovery.

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Detect security risks and vulnerabilities by exposing incorrectly configured servers or devices.

Detect unwanted changes

With version control and change tracking, it's easy to detect suspicious behaviour and incorrect configuration.

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Pass compliance with less effort

Provide evidence that your IT adheres to organization policies, Microsoft best practices and security standards.

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Automatically keep documentation up to date

View an example document automatically generated by XIA Configuration of a Windows server branded for a fictitious company Contoso Foods:

Example Windows server document generated by XIA Configuration
Example Windows server document automatically generated by XIA Configuration

XIA Configuration automatically generates documentation for a wide range of different systems.

Watch XIA Configuration in action

See some of the benefits of using our network documentation software XIA Configuration:

A video showing our network documentation tool XIA Configuration
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Automate change auditing and reporting tasks

Over 200 built-in reports are included such as this one showing the configuration of Windows servers in an environment:

Screenshot of a Windows Server report in the XIA Configuration web interface
Screenshot of a Windows Server report in the XIA Configuration web interface
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XIA Configuration provides us with instant reporting of all our assets

For Redblade, as a managed services provider, access to information and the configuration history of our clients is essential. Our business is founded on our ability to react quickly to changing needs and with knowledge of all our managed networks.

Working with CENTREL Solutions and the use of their XIA Configuration product has been a game changer for our technical, technical presales and sales teams. It provides us with instant reporting of all our assets and reporting/analysis that allows us to respond to our clients’ needs flexibly and quickly.

We have also found CENTREL Solutions to be fast to develop and implement recommendations, making them a great partner to work with.

Medan Gabbay
Head of Technical Presales
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Systems Supported

Operating Systems and Server Roles

Automatically detect and document Unix and Linux based systems. Locate incorrect configuration and security vulnerabilities.

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Document Active Directory domains and Group Policy settings. Run reports on DCs, GPOs, user accounts and more.

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Run reports, document, and audit your Exchange settings including on-premises servers and Exchange Online (a part of Office 365).

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Inventory and document your SQL instances, databases, tables and stored procedures.

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Document your Backup Exec server installations including storage devices, backup definitions, agent servers and more.

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Virtualization and Infrastructure

Inventory, run reports on, and document your VMware environments including vCenter, vSphere, ESX, virtual machines, and switches.

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Inventory, document, and run reports on your Hyper-V servers and virtual machines to generate IT infrastructure documentation.

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Run reports on and document your Citrix XenDesktop sites, XenApp Farms, machine catalogs, published applications, and policies.

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Inventory, document and run reports on your Microsoft Azure tenants including Azure AD, resources, VMs, storage, networks and more.

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Use our software to document your network switches and audit the devices connected to specific ports.

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Use our IT infrastructure documentation tool to document your network storage devices, SANs and tape libraries.

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We are faster and more effective in determining causes of incidents that occur within the managed infrastructure

We have achieved a real efficiency improvement after implementing and using XIA Configuration within our multi-client managed services company.

By using change management within XIA Configuration we are faster and more effective in determining causes of certain incidents that occur within the managed infrastructure.

We were so convinced of the value added by XIA Configuration that in addition to using it ourselves we decided to become a reseller for the product for the Dutch market.

Hans Hendrikx
Commercial Director
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Compare systems, apply branding and more...

Determine if your IT adheres to security standards and best practices with compliance benchmarks.

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Create disaster recovery documentation

Generate the technical documentation you need to help fully restore your environment.

Automatically document the relationships between servers, devices and roles. Create your own custom relationships.

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Compare the configuration of servers and devices with previous versions or against golden builds to see differences.

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Store technical information and troubleshooting guides alongside other items within XIA Configuration.

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Extend and customise the functionality of XIA Configuration to meet your specific requirements.

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Searching XIA Configuration's configuration management database is simple and fast with our integrated search.

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Increase the value of your MSP offering by providing a unique, fully automated technical documentation service.

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XIA Configuration is built from the ground up with a multi-tenant architecture so you can manage all your clients.

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Specific reports have been created to assist you in providing information aligned to PCI DSS requirements.

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Automatically generate professional documentation in PDF format with your own bespoke company branding.

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Connect to XIA Configuration with PowerShell to search, view, change and export data.

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Automatically keep infrastructure documentation up-to-date

Being an MSP, keeping infrastructure documentation up-to-date is a time consuming and resource intensive task.

With XIA Configuration's agentless technology, the speed that we can now fully document our clients’ infrastructure is amazing. Once it's initially setup, everything is automatically documented as often as we want and the solution soon pays for itself.

From an MSP point of view, it is now one of our must have tools and our clients are blown away by the amount of detail it provides.

Richard Elstob
Technology & Projects Partner
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