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  • Green tick Install each license on a single machine
  • Green tick Scan and document unlimited items
  • Green tick Annual subscription including support

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£250 / month

£3000 billed once per year, excludes VAT

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Small Organization Pricing

For small organizations with up to 3 employees we offer discounted pricing.

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Not-for-profit Pricing

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Registered companies may send purchase orders to sales@centrel-solutions.com, payment can then be made by cheque or bank transfer.


  • Install XIA Configuration on a single machine which can be connected to customer environments to scan their network.
  • Generate final PDF documents for your customers with custom branding and color schemes.
  • Only the technician can access XIA Configuration, other users, including customers, cannot access the web interface remotely. If you'd like others to have access, purchase Enterprise or Unlimited Enterprise.
  • Technician licenses cannot be shared, only the named technician can use XIA Configuration.
  • Buy a license for each technician that will use XIA Configuration. Volume discounts are available - please contact sales if you've recently purchased a technician license and wish to buy additional licenses at a discounted price.
  • Technical support and product updates are included.